1. Through the Dark

    Available on ETSY

  2. Was more than happy to do this for Doom analog.


  3. Anonymous asked: Who are your best friends?

    I don’t know? I’ve been very very reclusive since February.

    I have a group of friends that I would drop everything for to hang out with in a heart beat though.

  4. Some things

  5. Tell me that I’m wrong but I do what I please.

  7. Luke, Castlemaine. Late 2013.

    This photo was supposed to be part of something I was working on but I can’t do anything at the moment so here it is. 


  8. Anonymous asked: You are one special human Shakirra.

    I’m a disgusting excuse for a human, and definitely nothing special. Thanks.


  9. weddingtown:

    We’re really excited to share ‘Dressed For Catholic School’, the second single from Wedding Town! Four more sleeps until the album is officially released. There’s still time to preorder the record on limited ‘Electric Blue’ coloured LP (/100) at the link below:


    (via hugocostin)

  10. I’m at home in Byron. If anyone wants to hang, HMU